The Richmond Heights Garden Club (RHGC), was founded February 10, 1952. We are part of the distinguished history of gardening in the St Louis area. We are The Gardeners of America/ Men’s Garden Clubs of America. RHGC is one of two garden clubs that form the Ozark Region Garden Clubs. RHGC is a Non-Profit organization that’s supports local to international charities, as well as a scholarship to the Horticultural Program at Meramec Community College.

Through the generous bequest of a life member of the club since 1988, and a centurion in the community, a scholarship fund of $500 per year has been started in the name of the Richmond Heights Garden Club to an applicant at the Meramec Horticulture School.

We are proud to announce our 2015 Donations

$100 — Richmond Heights Memorial Children's Library (Ann Heiman Fund)
$100 — Maplewood Children's Library (Ann Heiman Fund)
$100 — Missouri Prairie Association
$100 — Missouri Parks Association
$125 — Gateway Greening
$125 — Tower Grove Park Association
$100 —
Heifer Foundation


Memorials given

$200 — RH Childrens Library / Bowman
$100 — Delta Gamma for Sight / MacDonald
$50 — RH  Childrens Library summer reading club    
$100 — Nature Conservancy / Grenfell

We seek a better understanding of gardening
through the use of knowledgeable speakers at our monthly meetings and by

We are committed to the advancement of gardening
in the community. We share favorite seeds and plants from our own gardens in support of local community gardens.

We promote communication among a diverse group of fellow gardeners
in and around St Louis. Our membership is not limited to Richmond Heights residents.

We believe that gardeners are the friendliest people in the world!
Gardening enriches our lives and the companionship within our club enhances our enjoyment of this popular hobby. We get together to share our love of gardening.

If you have a passion for gardening, join us in the activities that the Richmond Heights Garden Club has to offer! Come to one of our meetings find out what we're all about.

For more information, click on one of the following names to email Donna MacDonald

RHGC Affiliations
The Gardeners of America
Men's Garden Clubss of America
The Gardeners Of America/Men's Garden Clubs of America

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